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About Us

Plan Prediction Services is dedicated to improving planning around the world.

Our workshops generate vital decision intelligence in the form of the likely popularity of each plan which you are, or might conceivably be considering – according to different categories of people.  This will make your policies far more people-sensitive and likely to succeed .

Our methods derive from extensive practical experience plus many years of rigorous academic research at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and we have workshop facilitators available at various locations around the globe.

Some of our personnel have extensive experience across all sorts of forward planning, whereas others are at the beginning of their career.


Dr Ray Wyatt

Ray was a strategic planner in local and regional government, consulting, commerce, industry and market research before becoming an academic at Melbourne University, Australia, where he researched and taught analytical planning and GIS science.

He has taught at universities in Australia, England, Wales, USA, Italy and Brazil, and he is a former Chairman of the International Board of Directors for the Computers in Urban Planning & Urban Management (CUPUM) series of conferences.

Ray has published 148 papers (72 refereed), authored about 10 major consultant reports, written 4 serious software packages and conducted 17 stakeholder workshops.  He has also presented 43 international conference papers and delivered 54 other addresses around the world.

Ray jointly founded and edited two refereed journals:

1.   Urban Policy and Research

2.   Applied GIS

and he continues to work for the editorial boards of several others.

He has written three, single-author textbooks:

1.   Plan Prediction (2017, Cham, Switzerland, Springer)

2.   Computer-aided Policy Making (1999, London, Routledge)

3.   Intelligent Planning (1989, London, Unwin Hyman)


Dr Hemayet Hossain

Hemayet is an expert in decision-support systems for planning and for better managing the natural and human-built environments.

He has considerable international experience as a consultant to agencies such as the Asian Development Bank, and he has convened and taught many short courses for mid-career, professional information specialists within various agencies across southeast Asia.

Hemayet has taught at universities in USA, Australia, Bangladesh, and Thailand, and has published within the areas of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing and rural-urban modeling.

For many years Hemayet worked as a university academic and IT specialist before he was recruited by the Victorian State Government, Australia, as an analyst and IT expert.

After that he was a land specialist working at the UN-HABITAT headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.


(Dr) Patrizia Russo

Patrizia is an applied scientist who is currently working within a planning consultancy in Zurich, Switzerland.

Her Masters degree was from the University of Zurich, where she studied Geography with a specialization in Geographic Information Visualization and Analysis.

Her PhD was completed within the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and it analysed the usability of planning software.

Patrizia is interested in life.


(Dr) Ana Spataru

Ana Spataru is a PhD student at Deakin University, Melbourne, working in the field of sustainable regional development.

Her work generates guidelines for decision makers who are formulating policies that preserve and enhance agricultural activity within metropolitan fringe areas.

Ana has studied Environmental Engineering as well as Environmental Science and Technology, specialising in wastewater treatment.


What now?

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