Plan Prediction Services

Privacy Statement

Plan Prediction Services goes to great lengths to protect your privacy.  We do not even record your name.

What do we record?

We only record your e-mail address, the demographic groups to which you belong and the criterion scores that you assign in unrecorded planning situations. 

What do we NOT record?

We never record the planning situations that you choose to address.  Hence your criterion-score judgments are only ever stored in an abstract way.  They take the form of minimal, coded, information along the lines of “you addressed a problem with x number of alternative plans, and you then made the following estimates of the criterion scores for each plan”.

Clearly, we protect you by making it impossible for anyone, even us, to deduce your attitudes towards any particular issue.


Your e-mail address is recorded so that our software can remember you and, therefore, instantly add any judgments you make to the amalgamated data files pertaining your demographic groups.  Alternatively, if the software does not recognize an e-mail address it will ask you to re-insert your demographic data, which can be very inconvenient for frequent users of our app.  In short, we only retain your e-mail address to make it easier for you to use our app.

E-mail addresses are used because they are unique to each person.  By contrast, if users were asked to nominate their actual name, whenever two people of the same name were remembered by the software it would not know which set of demographic groups it should add the current user’s judgments to.

Similarly, we only record your abstract, criterion-score judgments for pragmatic reasons.  Firstly, if the software sees that you have not yet made any sincere judgments, it will remind you to consider doing so because it is only through such judgments that the software “learns” to become more accurate. 

Secondly, the file which records your judgments serves as back-up information to be used for rebuilding all the group-specific, aggregated, planning-style files should there ever be an unintended software error that corrupts them.

Are there any safeguards?

Yes of course.  No individual’s data, neither their e-mail address nor their demographic data nor their abstract judgments, is ever divulged to a third party.  The files containing such information can only be accessed by Dr Ray Wyatt, CEO of Plan Prediction Services and, presumably, by administrators of the Norwegian server on which the files are stored in the cloud. 

Dr Wyatt believes passionately in the confidentiality of data; he has an unblemished record of always upholding research ethics over decades of practice as a prominent social researcher, and he is simply not interested in revealing any non-amalgamated data to anyone else anyway. 

For their part, the administrators of the Norwegian server have their own safeguards and privacy policies in place to protect users and their data, and such policies can be viewed at .

What can you do?

If you are concerned about us storing your e-mail address, it will be instantly removed from our files if you send a request to  Your demographic data and abstract judgments will be retained, but nobody will ever know who this information pertains to. 

You should remember, however, that if your e-mail address is removed you will have to re-nominate your demographic groups all over again the next time that you use the Planticipate app.

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy, feel free to contact us (e-mail: