Plan Prediction Services


When you use Planticipate we do NOT record your name or email address.  

The only thing we will ever know about you is your nickname and the fact that you once accessed our app on a web browser. 

So identity theft is IMPOSSIBLE.

What do we record?

We store (only if you are a sincere user):

1.  your nickname

2.  the demographic groups to which you belong 

3.  whether or not you have ever contributed sincere judgements, and,

4.  your sincere judgements - always in an abstract form along the lines of “a situation with x alternative plans was addressed, and the following estimates of each plan's criterion scores and overall desirability were submitted”.  This makes it impossible for anyone to ever deduce your personal attitudes towards any particular issue.


1.  We retain your nickname so that our software can remember you.  If we didn't, the next time you submitted any sincere judgements the app would not recognize you and you would have to re-insert your demographic data, which becomes very inconvenient for frequent users.

2.  Sincere users' demographic group memberships are recorded so that each relevant group's collective attitudes can be slightly modified every time that the same user submits more judgements.

3.  We record whether or not you have ever contributed serious judgements so that the software will keep asking you to do so.  This is because it is only through  users' sincere judgments that the software ever learns to become more accurate. 

4.  Sincere judgements have to be stored because the file that stores each demographic group's collective judgements is essential for Planticipate to function.

What safeguards are there?

No nicknames, demographic attributes or judgments are ever divulged to a third party. 

Such information can only be accessed by Dr Ray Wyatt, CEO of Plan Prediction Services and, presumably, by administrators of the Norwegian server on which the judgements file is stored. 

Dr Wyatt believes passionately in the confidentiality of data; he would never sell information to anyone, and he has an unblemished, research-ehtics record over decades of practice as a prominent social researcher.  Moreover, the Norwegian server's administrators have their own  privacy-protection policies, see .

What can you do?

If you do not want us to store your nickname, it will be instantly removed from our files if you send a request to

Only your untraceable contributions to the relevant, amalgamated-judgments file will remain.  

Remember, however, that the next time  you use the app you will have to submit a nickname and your demographic groups all over again .

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy, please e-mail us at